A core mission of the Laboratory for Stress Assessment and Research is to provide training opportunities for individuals at all levels of professional development. We pride ourselves in helping trainees develop the conceptual and practical skills that are necessary to conduct scientifically sound, cutting-edge research on stress and health. Interested individuals should send a short (max 1-page) letter of interest and an updated CV to the lab director, Dr. George Slavich. In your letter, please include the following four sections: (a) brief overview of professional (research + clinical) interests; (b) past research training, clinical training (if any), and relevant coursework and skills; (c) current desired training goals; and (d) future career/professional goals (near-future and long-term goals).

Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students from UCLA and from nearby institutions are invited to join the lab as research assistants or project coordinators. Students are exposed to all aspects of the research process, including conducting literature reviews, analyzing data, and managing projects and studies. Students also have the opportunity to conduct a thesis on their research, and/or to present their work at regional and national conferences. A minimum 3-quarter commitment is required, although most undergraduate students remain in the lab for several years.

Graduate Students, Medical Students, & Residents

Graduate students, medical students, and medical school residents are invited to join the lab to receive training in stress assessment and research. Students have the opportunity to work with existing data from projects listed on the Projects page, and/or to conduct independent, mentored research on any topic related to stress and health, including stress and inflammation, social signal transduction, and human social genomics. Eligible students come from the Ph.D. program in psychology at UCLA, the Ph.D. program in neuroscience at UCLA, the M.D. and M.D.-Ph.D. programs at UCLA, and the medical residency program at UCLA.

Postdoctoral Fellows

Postdoctoral fellows are invited to join the lab to receive advanced training in stress assessment and research in the context of ovarian cancer, breast cancer, and depression. Postdoctoral fellows are expected to develop and pursue independent lines of research on these topics using existing lab data and/or by conducting original, mentored research. Fellows may enter the lab via the UCLA post-graduate training program in psychoneuroimmunology, or by obtaining a National Research Service Award (NRSA, F-32) or similar award that supports their development. Successful fellows have the opportunity to develop into independent investigators in the lab.

Visiting Scholars

Visiting scholars from around the world are invited to join the lab for periods ranging from a few months to several years. During this time, scholars collaboratively develop and carry-out original projects within the context of the lab, or they  work on existing projects or data. A successful track record of publishing, and oral and written fluency in English are required.

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