Our goal is to advance the science of stress and health to help prevent disease and improve human health and resilience worldwide. To accomplish this goal, we employ a team science approach to conducting multi-level studies that integrate ideas and methods from psychology, neuroscience, immunology, molecular biology, genetics, and genomics. This enables us to examine how stress promotes a variety of mental and physical health problems that cause substantial morbidity and mortality. In addition, we are deeply inspired to provide world-class education and training in psychoneuroimmunology, to help develop highly competent and compassionate leaders in psychiatry and psychology, and to engage with our community and world to make sure that our work has the greatest impact possible. By realizing these goals, we aim to reduce the enormous impact that stress and disease have on health and wellbeing, and to enhance individual and collective resilience to help people live their best lives possible.

We’re Hiring!

We’re hiring for FIVE different positions! Come study stress, health, social safety, and  more! Deadlines are soon. More info on the Join page!


STRAIN is Here!

The STRAIN is the first online system for assessing individuals’ lifetime stress exposure. Learn more about this instrument on the STRAIN Page!


We aim to conduct cutting-edge research that can improve the human condition. For more details, see our Initiative on Social Science for Social Change!

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