Current Openings


The UCLA Laboratory for Stress Assessment and Research (PI: George Slavich, Ph.D.) is seeking a full-time post-doctoral research fellow interested in the relations of stress to psychological and/or physical health, broadly speaking. The Laboratory is based at the Cousins Center for Psychoneuroimmunology, which is affiliated with the Department of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences and the Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior. The successful candidate will have the opportunity to prepare original manuscripts based on data from several ongoing projects investigating the roles that stress and inflammation play in depression, ovarian cancer, and breast cancer. Specific research interest could include: how different types of stress influence onset or clinical characteristics of depression, how early adversity and/or recent life stress influence clinical characteristics of ovarian and/or breast cancer, and how life stress impacts the neural and peripheral biological processes (e.g., cortisol production, inflammation) that mediate these effects. The successful candidate will be responsible for analyzing data from ongoing studies of these topics and for taking the lead on empirical papers that address important issues related to these research questions. Prior training in clinical psychology, health psychology, psychoneuroimmunology, and/or neuroscience, as well as current independent private or federal salary support, is required. Interested individuals should send an updated CV and a short (max 1 page) letter of interest that describes their research training, interests, and short- and long-term goals to: gslavich at Candidates will be considered on a rolling basis until the position is filled.

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